1857    Sheffield, the  oldest  football  ( soccer )  club,  founded   in  1857, adopts  a set of Sheffield Club Rules.

1863   The Football  Association  is  formed  in  London and, after  some disputes, establishes its own set of 14 laws on December 1 st.

1865   It is agreed that tape must be stretched across the goal at a height of eight feet.

1866   The offside  rule states that there must be at least three opponents  betwen attacker and goal.

1869   Goal - kicks are introduced.

1871   In this, the first  year of the  FA  Cup, Goalkeepers  are  mentioned  in the laws for the first time.

1872   The size of the ball is fixed for the first time.

1874   Shinguards are introduced and umpires are mentioned in the laws.

1875   The crossbar, a Sheffield innovation, replaces the goal-tape.

1878   First use of the whistle to control the game. 

1882   The two-handed throw-in is introduced.

1885    Professionals allowed for the first time.

1888   The  Football League Formed.

1890   Goal-nets used for the first time.

1891   The  penalty  kick  introduced, and  a  referee  and  two  linesmen  replace the umpires.

1898   The number of official laws  now  reaches the modern figure of 17.

1905  Goalkeepers  are ordered to stay on their  goal-line  for  penalties.

1912   Goalkeeper's use of hand is restricted to his penalty area.

1913   Distance of opponents at free-kicks is extended from 8 to 10 yards.

1914   Distance of opponents at corner-kicks is also extended to 10 yards.

1920   Players cannot be offside at throw-in.

1924   A goal may be scored direct from a corner-kick.

1925   A player must have both feet on the touch-line for throw-in.

1925   The offside rule is modified from 3 to 2 defenders between attacker and goal.

1929   Goalkeepers are ordered to stand still on their goal-line for the taking of penalty kick.

1931   The goalkeeper can take 4 instead of only 2 steps while carrying the ball.

1938   The 17 Laws of the Game are redrafted into their modern form by Stanley Rous, Secretary of the Football Association.

1939   The numbering of players is made compulsory.

1965   One substitute is allowed to replace an injured player in League matches.

1966   One substitute is allowed to replace a player for any reason in League matches.

1976   Yellow ( warning ) cards and red ( sending-off ) cards introduced for display by referees.
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