Here are just a few stretching and strengthening exercises that players over age 12 can do with a ball. It is important for players to strengthen the front and sides of their legs (shins and thigh) and stretch the backs of the legs (Achilles, hamstrings and thighs) and the back. Some of these exercises need to be done in pairs. Shin splits and thigh pulls are more often than not due to a lack of strengthening. Running works the backs of the legs, causing an over-balance of strength. A muscle that is strengthen needs to be stretched to maintain flexibility and suppleness. Many of the strengthening exercises that are isometric in nature should be held for only a 5-10 second count, depending upon the physical maturity and condition of the player.

Achilles and calves
Place heel of foot on ground and sole of foot on ball; lean forward; a partner on the other side will stabilize the ball

Put the Achilles of one foot on the ball and bring chest forward

Hamstrings and buttocks
While standing with legs straight as possible, circle the ball around the feet with the hands; spread the legs and circle the ball around each foot

Back and Hamstrings
With legs straight and spread, reach ball back between the legs as far as possible; bring ball forward, arching back and neck looking upward, with only toes and ball touching the ground

Shin and Thigh
Point toe down and press top of foot against the ball; ball must be stabilized against a wall or another player; player should feel the pressure in the thigh and shin

Same as above except use inside of the foot; player should feel the pressure in the inner thigh and groin

Outside Thigh and Shin
Same as above except point the toes inward and use the outside of the foot

With ball positioned between the backs of two players, lower into a squat position, hold and return

Hold ball between feet and in the air; do crunches; or reach up and touch ball on each sit-up

Hip Flexors, Back, and Abdominals
Resting on forearms, ball between feet and off the ground with legs as straight as possible, move the ball in a figure eight; with a partner, each player circles the ball around the other player's ball

Resting on forearms, ball between feet and off the ground, bring knees to the chest, then extend the legs; with a partner, extend the legs to one side, alternating sides with the partner

Lateral Abdominals
Lying on back with ball between feet and legs straight up in air, lower the ball to one side maintaining the "L" shape; raise up and lower to the other side

Pushups with one hand on the ball; either do a set with each hand or alternate the ball hand on each pushup

Do pushups with the top of the feet on top of the ball

With partner holding ball, press forehead against ball for 5-10 seconds; move to sides and back of head
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