In general, when assesing players,coaches are looking for the following criteria :


The player's ability to control the ball, especially at speed and while under pressure. this is the most important  criteria that we are looking for at this age level. The techniques of the game are : Dribling, shooting, passing, receiving, and goalkeeper handling.


Here we are looking at the player's attitude and ability to compete. Some of the areas that we are concerned with are : enthusiasm, aggresion, composure, leadership, coach ability, reaction to failure, willingnes to compete, claiming responsibility for their own actions, etc.


Here, we are looking for the players ability to make correct, qiuck, soccer decisions,especially when under pressure from an opponent. These are things such as: how to play without the ball; when to dribble as opposed to passing or shooting; how, when and where to defend; whether or not to come out of the goal. At this age, this is an important category, but not as important as the other two mentioned above.


Here we look at the player's phusical make-up. This does not necessarily mean only size and strength. We are also looking for: agility (the ability to change directions quickly) flexibility, endurance ( both anaerobic and aerobic ), speed, and quickness.

Players can be weak in an area, but, because of a strength in another area, they are able to compensate. ( E.G. They may be slow, but are always able to make correct decisions, early, and thus frequently put themselves in positions where they do not have to be fast ). To be sure, we are looking for a healthy  blend of the above criteria. No one player is perfect in any area, or, for that matter, at the top af all four areas. A great player  knows what they are good at, what they need to do to improve, and, plays  " within their own ability ".

Finally, coaches are always on the lookout for the player that has a " special " attribute. this player distinguishes him or herself by having a very unique or " special " quality. It may be her skill level, or her speed, or her ability to figure the game out when under pressure. This special quality will often make up for the other areas that are lacking. However, because it is so special, it makes player stand out when they are on the field 
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Evaluation  of  Players